•  snoopy/wdstk Practice, Practice, Practice

    Each week, students are expected to practice their lesson assignments, working toward the practice goal set by the teacher.


    • The most important day of practice is the day of the lesson.
    • Establish a routine for practicing - make it a habit. Many students add practicing to the homework routine by doing it before or after other classroom homework. Other students like to practice as soon as they get home from school.
    • Try not to let more than 1 day go by without practicing.
    • Be sure that your instrument is in good working order and you have enough reeds or oils.
    • Have a special location to practice. It should be free of distractions and have all necessary materials within reach.  A music stand is a great addition to a practice space and will help maintain good posture while playing.
    • Do not allow anyone to interrupt your practice time.  Ask other family members to wait until you are done practicing before they approach you about something.
    • Practice the assigned materials EVERYDAY!

    Special Tips for Parents:

    • Have your son/daughter play their lesson material for you or other family members.  Even if you are not a musician, you can show your interest in what they are doing by listening and sharing positive feedback.
    • Every now and then your son or daughter will need some encouragement to increase their effort in practicing.  When something becomes challenging, it is hard to stay self-motivated.  A little "push" in the right direction is certainly in order at these times.
    • Establishing a good practice habit takes time.  Please help your son or daughter establish this habit with reminders and support.

    These tips and suggestions were compiled to help you succeed as an instrumentalist and a musician.  You can make it happen!