Lesson Schedules

  • Lesson Schedules and Lesson Information

    -Lessons occur once a week on the same day. Times will change each week, so you won't miss the same class time each week.

    -Keep the lesson schedule somewhere at home where you can check it each week. A schedule is  posted in your

    classroom and on the bulletin board outside my music room. Lesson groups may change throughout the year!

    - Your classroom teachers will not tell you when to go to your lesson. Know when your lesson time is, check the schedules.

    - Walk quietly through the halls on the way to your lesson.

    - You will be responsible for any work you missed in your classroom. Make sure you get any assignments you missed.

    - If you miss your music lesson, you are responsible to see Mrs. Molinich and find out what the assignment is so that you know what to practice for the week.

    - If a test/quiz comes up in class that conflicts with your lesson, please see Mrs. Molinich at the start of the day and we will try to reschedule