• Independent Practice (Homework)

    The Pittsford Central School District, Elementary Homework Guidelines handout (excerpt below) gives a very thorough summary of what the Rationale, Guideline and Frequency include for your child.  I also do not distribute Independent Practice on Fridays, but I will eventually (in October) be handing out long-term assignments, some with weekly and some with monthly due dates.  Please contact me if you have any further questions.


    …It provides parents with an opportunity to see what is going on at school and express positive attitudes toward achievement…


    3rd Generally, homework is assigned at least 2 - 4 times per week.  Assignments are designed so that students will need no longer than 30 minutes to complete all homework, including any independent reading assignments. 

    Homework Responsibilities

    Student:  Make an honest effort to:

    -          Complete and return assignments on time.

    -          Take home materials needed for homework.

    -          Do careful, neat work.


    -          Help set up a consistent organized place for homework to be done.

    -          Help your child establish a schedule for completing homework with sufficient time.

    -          Encourage, motivate, and prompt your child to do homework but do not do the homework for him/her. 

    -          If your child is not consistently able to do the homework by him/herself, contact the teacher.

    -          Even if your child is not finished, stop him/her at bedtime.

    -          Help your child by planning trips and doctor appointments when school is not in session.  

    -          Please do not ask teachers to provide assignments in anticipation of children being absent from school because of family pleasure trips or for other unexcused reasons. Please look at the student handbook for a description of excused and unexcused absences.