Core Vocabulary

  • Core vocabulary words are important because they can be used in any situation, with any topic, and with any communication partner. Core words are a small set of high-frequency words that we most commonly use in spoken language. Think about how often we use words like in, go, up, that, where, and mine in every day conversations.  We are focusing on teaching these core words across many different contexts this year. As a team we can work together to make sure our students gain this core vocabulary and can better communicate in all areas of the day.

    Each week there will be a Word of the Week (W.O.W.) that we will target. Repeated practice and exposure to the word of the week will encourage students to utilize the word for a variety of functions and in a variety of contexts.

    We will practice using these words in natural communication opportunities. There will be examples of different activities we can do throughout the school day to reinforce core vocabulary words (ex. “Go”-> on the swing; “Go” -> before leaving the room; “Go”-> riding the bicycle etc.). There will  be visuals around the classroom and school to help support generalization of the core vocabulary words targeted each week.

    Do not hesitate to contact me for more specific instructions or support for ways to incorporate the word of the week at home.


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