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    *If you know your child is using Read Live at school and you would like to use it at home with your child for extra practice, please let me know.*



    Read Naturally Live is a highly effective supplemental reading program that develops fluency and supports vocabulary and comprehension.


    Improving reading fluency is important for developing readers. Fluent readers:

    • Read smoothly and easily - as if they were speaking.
    • Read with few errors, and seldom need to pause to figure out words.
    • Read at a rate that supports good expression and comprehension.
    • Tend to comprehend better than non-fluent readers.

    Read Naturally Live combines several research-based strategies into a single powerful method of improving reading fluency.


    What do we know from research?

    • Students become good readers by reading.
    • Reading along with a proficient reader improves word recognition and fluency.
    • Reading a passage several times improves fluency.
    • Fluent readers generally comprehend better than non-fluent readers.
    • Self-monitoring of progress improves reading achievement.

    What does a student do when working through a story in Read Live?

    • The student will select a nonfiction story from an assigned level.
    • The student will read the story along with an audio recording.
    • The student will read the story alone several times until reaching his or her goal.
    • The student will answer comprehension questions.
    • The student will track progress on graphs that report results before and after practicing each story. As the student improves, he or she will be given more difficult stories to read and higher goal rates to achieve.