Language Arts

  • On the first day of school, please send in a chapter book or two for kids to keep in their book bins for school.  We will have opportunities to read to ourselves during the day while at school.  This book should be exchanged for another book on a regular basis.  Thank you!!  

    Please help your child to select books that are of high interest to them.  This makes all the difference in their interest in reading.  Also, let them see you read and take pleasure in that time you make for yourself.  I have set up our first book order from Scholastic!  It is due on September 18th and you can look at books and order by clicking the link below.  

    Scholastic Book Order Information

    Please read 20 minutes per night on at least 5 nights a week for a total of around 100 minutes.  The format of such reading can be varied with different genres and reading materials such as fiction, non-fiction, mysteries, biographies.  Different types of materials can include graphic novels, how-to books, magazines, audio books etc. 

    According to the website Reading Rockets

    Make reading a regular activity in your home.

    "Make reading a part of your daily life, and kids will learn to love it. When I was nine years old, my mom made me stay in for a half-hour after lunch to read. She took me to the library to get books to kick off this new part of my life. It made me a lifelong reader. Set aside some time when everyone turns off the TV and the web and does nothing but read. Make it fun, too. When my children finished reading a book that had been made into a film, we’d make popcorn and watch the movie together. The point is to make reading a regular enjoyable part of your family routine."

    Click on the link below for the reading list from Pittsford for kids entering 4th grade.  They can still be read during the school year!  

    Summer Reading List for kids entering 4th grade

    Stay tuned for soon I will share my class code with you so you can get reading on a fantastic website called Epic!  


    Happy reading!