Key People

  • Director of Food ServicesDirector of Food Services
    Elena Montgomery
    Phone: 267-1096 Fax: 381-3304
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    Administrative Assistant to Director of Food Services
    Christine Kittrell
    Phone: 267-1098 Fax: 381-3304
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Cafeteria Managers by School:

School Name Telephone number
Allen Creek Elementary Lana Johnson 267-1275
Jefferson Road Elementary John Boufford 267-1375
Mendon Center Elementary Sharon Sywulski 267-1475
Park Road Elementary Jessica Hafner-Ventura 267-1575
Thornell Road Elementary 267-1775
Barker Road Middle School Barbara Pedersen 267-1875
Calkins Road Middle School Sandy Schrom 267-1975
Sutherland High School Barb Loysen 267-1175
Mendon High School Margaret Montgomery 267-1675