Early Pick-up: If at all possible, please make your child’s appointments outside of school; missing class work is disruptive to the learning process for all students.  And yes, we are really working still at 2:45.  If you should need to take your child out of school early, you will need to send a note to school with your child or call the main office.  Please do not e-mail me, as the office needs the information.  The office will call our room once you arrive. Please plan to arrive early enough to allow your child time to gather his/her belongings and walk to the office. Your child will not be sent to the office until you arrive. 

    Snack Time: Our classroom has a working snack each morning after specials.  Please send your child with a healthy snack that can be eaten while working.  Please do not send items that can spill, or that are messy.  Please peel oranges ahead of time. 
    Water bottles: Fourth graders are encouraged to keep a water bottle at their desk.  Please only send bottles that have a push top so that spills can better be avoided. 



    Electronics: Please do not send your child to school with a cell phone, GameBoy, iPod or other expensive electronics.  The ONLY electronics we allow at school on a daily basis are Kindles, Nooks or other reading devices.

     Fidget Cube

    Fidgets: I am pro fidget, as long as the item is small (can be held in one hand) and silent.  The fidget must aide the student in staying focused, and not become a distraction. I am fine with Fidget Cubes, Fidgetland Noah & Chainy, and the net with the marble in it.  NO putty or slime (it ruins the carpet).  Fidget Spinners are NOT allowed.  If an item becomes a toy and not a tool, it will be sent home. 

                No fidget spinner             




    Recess: We typically go outside during recess every day.  Please help your fourth grader plan ahead so that he/she is dressed for the weather.  Boots and snow pants are highly recommended once the cold, snowy weather sets in. Without them, students may not leave the black top.  Wet, cold fourth graders find it hard to do their best in the afternoon. 


    Vacation Homework: As per school policy, homework will be waiting for your child when he/she returns from vacation. 


    Homework Policy: Fourth graders should expect about 40 minutes of homework each night.  Expect reading for 20 minutes and math almost every night. Other ELA and socials studies homework are sent home at times as well. 


    Homework Responsibilities

    Student:  Make an honest effort to: 

    • Fill out the planner before leaving each day - this is done whole class with guidance from me
    • Take home all needed materials - I tell the students what they will need at the end of each day
    • Complete and return assignments on time
    • Do careful, neat work, always showing best effort         




    • Help set up a consistent organized place for homework to be done. 
    • Help your child establish a schedule for completing homework with sufficient time. 
    • Encourage, motivate, and prompt your child to do homework, but do not do the homework for him/her.  
    • If your child is not consistently able to do the homework by him/herself, contact the teacher. 
    • Even if your child is not finished, stop him/her at bedtime. 
    • Help your child by planning trips and doctor appointments when school is not in session.  
    When homework is not turned in on time a Homework Notice is issued. Students are ask to take the notice home and have it signed.  They should return the signed notice and the missing work the next school day.  If the work does not come in the next day, the student will stay in for recess.  If Homework Notices start to become a routine occurrence, a conference will be set  up to discuss ways to help the student with homework responsibilities. 

    Blue folder
    Friday Folders: Friday folders are blue and come home most Fridays with notices and completed work. There is a signature page just so I know that you received the folder.  Signed Friday folders are due back to school on Monday morning.