School Supplies


    Organization is VERY important in fourth grade. The supply list below repeats items from the list in June, but also includes some additional items that were NOT on the list that came home with the report card. I've tried to bold those items that are additional. 

    For our fourth grade classroom:

    • 1 subject wide ruled spiral notebook
    • 7 two pocket folders – 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 green, 2 blue, 1 orange, 1 purple
    • at least 24 pencils (already sharpened, please)- send 12 for now, keep 12 at home for later
    • 1 good eraser
    • scissors
    • 3 different colored highlighters (1 yellow, 1 orange, 1 pink)
    • 1 “black and white” composition books (not spiral)
    • 3 glue sticks
    • 1 pad of Post-It Notes (3” X 3” square)
    • rectangular 5X8 plastic pencil box for loose items – no larger please, they don’t fit in our desks
    • a LARGE box of tissues
    • Headphones/ear buds in a labeled baggie (will be returned)
    • 1 small plastic protractor to be kept at home for geometry homework
    • 1 box of 24 crayons (no more than 24 please, as the boxes are too big to fit in our desks)
    • a strudy, 1.5 inch three-ring notebook with a clear pocket on the cover
    • a white t-shirt in a labeled Zip-loc bag to tie-dye – be sure it is a size too big so it will still fit in June!
    • 1 box of tissues (thank you!!)

    For Science:

    • One composition notebook
    • Highlighter
    • 6 pencils, sharpened
    • Sturdy folder
    • AND a clear, plastic 2-liter bottle

    For PE: a combination lock (know how to use it) & deodorant