School Supplies



    School Supplies

    In order to facilitate a smooth start to the year, please send all supplies open/out of the package and labeled as noted below. All names need to be first and last. 

    1 - one subject wide ruled spiral notebook - Name and "Writing Journal" written in upper right-hand corner

    2 black and white composition notebooks (not spiral) -Both with name, one labeled "Math Journal" and one labeled "ELA Journal" 

    6 Sturdy Folders - name and subject in the upper right corner - subject is listed below by color: 

    1 red - Reading

    1 green - Math

    1 yellow - Writing

    1 orange - Social Studies

    1 purple - Project Based Learning

    1 blue - Friday Folder

    1 blue - Asif/Hebrew

    A water bottle with a pop top - no twist off caps please, as they tend spill

    A chapter book - needed starting day 1

    A white shirt to tie-dye - make it big so it will fit in June (they grow so fast!)


    One 5x9 plastic pencil box - we cannot accommodate larger ones in our limited space, and the zip bags don't hold all of our supplies. Please have the following items all out of packaging, labeled with your child's name in the pencil box

    8-10 Ticonderoga pencils, already sharpened 

    1 red pen

    1 good eraser with name on it

    1 pair 5” scissors, pointed tip, with child's name

    2 different colored highlighters (1 yellow, 1 orange) 

    2 glue sticks with child's name

    1 box of 24 crayons - child's name on the boxplease do not send larger boxes, we do not have space for them


    Supplies for Science and Art will be collected and sent to those classrooms.


    1 composition book

    1 sturdy folder

    3 pencils 


    Art - sketch book (one from a prior year is fine)