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    Fourth grade social studies is all about New York State! We will be studying the geography and how it affects the people who have lived here and who live here now. We look at how the first people of New York and the early European Settlers used and modified the environment to meet their needs and wants. We'll follow the time line of history from the early Native American Indians to 19th Century immigrants. Along the way we will read many documents in order to investigate and discovery the history of our great state.  Documents include non-fiction text, biographies, historical fiction, maps, photographs, works of art, charts and diagrams. Every Friday we'll study current events in our Scholastic News magazine.



    geo NYS

    Geography of NYS 


    Native American of NYS

    new amsterdam



     Colonial New York

    battle of li



    The Revolutionary War

    & Our New American Government

    marriage of the waters


     Westward Movement in NYS

    voters for women 

     In Search of Freedom & A Call to Change



    industrial revolution




     The Industrial Revolution & Immigration

    scholastic news



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