Colonial New York

    Colonial Times in What is Now New York
    We will start our unit by looking at the arrival of European explorers.  We will look at how they interacted and traded with the Native Americans. We will follow Henry Hudson as he explores the river that now carries his name, and then examine the settlement and life of New Netherlands by the Dutch West India Company.  We will find out how New Netherlands eventually becomes New York, and look at the differences brought by the British. This study will take us right to the brink of the Revolutionary War. 

    Henry Hudson's Explorations
    Henry Hudson 
    The links below will take you to the interactive map of Hudson's voyage up his river. 
    National Geographic Video: "Mapping the the Explorations of Henry Hudson: Hudson Arrives at the River"
    National Geographic Interactive Map of Hudson's travels up the Hudson River

    Know Your 13 Colonies!


    Click this link to label the colonies.  Be sure to drop the name on the dot, not the line.

    colonies id

    Click this link to identify the colonies by clicking on the one named.

    Colonial Trades
    Col Willimasburg Kids Zone
    Link to Kids Zone
    Col Wburg sign
    Link to reading about different trades.
    Apothecary sign
    Link to play "Merchant Match-Up"

    These links are all to the Colonial Williamsburg site.


    Colonial Clothing

    Colonial clothing


    Colonial Williamsburg Clothing

    Under "Student Interactive" click on "Dress the Part"



    Dress Like a Colonist!

    For Colonial Craft Day ALL students are to dress like a colonist.  Here are some helpful hints:


    • borrow a long skirt from mom (be sure to pin the waist)
    • a blouse
    • shoes
    • a bonnet or kerchief (made from an old handkerchief or bandana)
    • an apron
    • a shawl - could be made from folding a small blanket in to a triangle


    • Khaki pants tucked into a pair of tall white socks
    • a button down shirt
    • shoes
    • if you have a tricorn hat that's nice too