Revolutionary War

  • The Revolutionary War

    Our focus will be primarily on the war in New York State. We will look at what led the colonists to stand up and declare their independence, the geographical importance of New York, and study some of the famous people from that era.

    ELA for one week is  George vs. George, by Rosalyn Schanzer.  The files attached below include the directions, literary response sheets and Venn Diagram needed to complete this work. Please note that students need only do ONE of the literary responses.  See your child's planner for the due date.


    Parents -  The illustration on page 48 is a realistic depiction of the way that the rebel supporters were treated by the Redcoats and Indians.  I  recommend that you review this page before your child starts the book and decide how you would like to handle it.  I am making it an option for your child to skip this page entirely. 




    Click on the link above to read more about New York in the Revolutionary War. The login information is in the back of your planner. This book is in the "Thirteen Colonies" section.  

    The link above will take you to the YouTube channel for episode 1.  Other episodes are listed to the right on the page.


    Click on the link above to be taken to the National Archive page about the Declaration of Independence.



    Click on Patrick Henry to go to the website to learn more about him.  At the bottom of the page are recordings of a dramatic reading of his speech.


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