New York State Geography Unit



    Clink the links below for games to practice labeling and identifying the seven continents and the oceans.




    Identify the Continents


    Label the Continents





       Latitude and Longitude Review



    Latitude is like a ladder - the lines circle the earth from east to west, but measure distances  north and south of the equator. The equator is zero degrees latitude.  You measure north (climbing up the globe) or south (climbing down the globe). 


    Longitude lines are LONG stretching from the North Pole to the South Pole.  They are also called meridians. They measure distance east and west of the Prime Meriden, which is 0 degrees.


    The globes below will take you to games to practice latitude and longitude.


    ID the City using Latitude and Longitude.

    Where in the World?    


     International Pizza Delivery

    This one is challenging. 

    You should watch the video that shows you how to play fist.


     Major Landforms

                                 Landforms game                

     This link will take you to a site where you can see pictures and read information about the major landforms.





Map in a Month Calendar

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