Reading Units


    Fourth Grade Reading Units


    Common fourth grade units - these units are taught in all fourth grade classrooms in the district.

    Revolution:  Patriot or Trader?

    The focus in this unit is on perspective.  Students examine fiction texts, non-fiction articles, art, music and poetry from the American Revolution.   Lessons are aimed at examining perspective, differentiating the reader’s point of view from the author’s point of view, and using a text as evidence for an opinion.   


    Immigration Walk in Their Shoes                    

    One way to learn about an era of history is to learn about the people who lived in that time period.

    Students investigate immigration through historical fiction and non-fiction.   As they read they work on finding an immigration topic to read about more deeply.  Ultimately,  they will conduct a short research report using texts in this unit and their school library.


    Author’s Craft              

    Authors use literary techniques to craft engaging and vivid texts.

    As authors begin to employ more complicated plot structures, students need to be able to understand flashback, story within a story and foreshadowing.  This unit offers students an opportunity to explore these techniques in picture books and novels.  


    Mythology:  Stories that Explain the World                                                                                         

    People try to explain their world through stories. These stories were created as fact and are believed to be true by the people who created them.

    Students become mythologists as they read a variety of origin myths, hero myths, and nature myths.  They read carefully, looking for symbols, tone and themes. 


    Transformation:  Dynamic Characters           

    It is through characters that readers come to care about and connect with literature.

    Through both novels and picture books, students focus on the characters they meet and how they change over time.