Classroom News


    18 March 2022

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    Math Minute 

    In math we are finishing up a unit on patterns in math.


    Math facts are a must! 

    Knowing math facts for all four operations from memory is important for success in fourth grade. Practice them daily to improve memory and fluency. 




    Reading Round-UP

     We are reading picture books about different groups who emigrated to the United States during the 1800s. We are talking about the push and pull - ask your fourth grader to explain!

    Reading at home each night for 20 minutes is an important part of building fluency and stamina. I encourage parents to read with their fourth graders. 


    Writing Wrap-up

    We have begun a unit on opinion writing. We have started working on writing claims and counter cliams.


    Our Shinshinim are back from Israel! Last Thursday they came and taught us about the holiday of Purim. They also brought us letters from our partner class at Asif school. We were so excited to receive our friends letters!!

    Morah Tzippy is back from her trip to Israel. She has returned to teaching us in person.



    Community Partnerships

    Our book is almost complete! We will have a presentation ceremony on Tuesday, May 24, with the 25th as a rain date. More information will be forthcoming about this event. We are very excited!!


     Social Studies Sound-Bite 

     We have been learning about the natural resources of New York State and how they contributed to industrialziation.
















    TRES 50

    Project Based Learning

    Our project this year is "TRE 50" - a website and book that will commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Thornell Road School. Students will work in teams to create every aspect of the project. They will research, interview, write content and select images to tell our school's story to the public.







    Donation Request

    If you do a spring clean out and find any small toys, books, crafts supplies, etc. that you are getting rid of, we would love them for our prize box.

    One kid's trash, is another kid's treasure!

    treasure chest