Classroom News



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    Math Minute 

    We started Topic 3 this week - Using Strategies and Properties to Multiply by 1-Digit Numbers. Some of the ways they will be solving problems will look different from how we learned to solve problems.  Ask your fourth grader to explain the methods they are using.  We will do the standard algorithm as well.

    You will find the link for our online textbook on the Math page.  Just click the the picture of the math book to be taken to the login page.  Students have the login and password in their planner on July 3rd.


    Math facts! You need to know 'em when you start fourth grade.  Please be sure to work on them so that they are memorized! 





    Reading Round-up


    We have finished our units on conflict and author's purpose; you should have seen the graded quizzes in last week's Friday Folder

    We are now working on some elements of author's craft.  Our focus this week is on story-within-a-story and flashback. We are reading some wonderful picture books examples to help us identify and understand. Ask your fourth grader to tell you about them!




    Writing Wrap-up

    Our mini-lessons have centered around writing complete sentences, the types of sentences, sentence fragments, run-ons and combining sentences with conjunctions. Have you heard the FANBOY! cheer yet?

    We are also working on writing our descriptions of the characters we decorated and brought in.  Our writing must have a plot that weaves in description language.  Figurative language is also a must, along with good sentences.


    Community Partnerships


    *we can now introduce our selves and identify items in our classroom in Hebrew

    *we are learning a song to welcome the teacher delegation from Israel next week

    *working on introductory slides with Asif friends

    *we are almost done with our interviewing our Veterans - the writing process starts soon


    *Breakfast at the American Legion!

     Social Studies Sound-Bite
    We have been learning about the Iroquois.  We have mapped out the locations of the Five Nations as they were before explorers arrived from Europe.  We read the story of the Great Peace, and learned where the saying, "Bury the hatchet" comes from.
    The students are working on a research project with their "clan". These projects will be presented using Sway.  Mrs. Autovino, our amazing librarian, will be teaching how to use Sway. When we are done we will send a link so you can view our work!
    24 - Major



    Scholastic Book Orders

    The October book order was sent home by mistake two weeks ago. 

    Our book order will be due by October 28.



    Community News

    * Mrs. Stevens-Oliver won the New York State Archives Bruce W. Dearstyn Archives Award for Excellence in the Educational Use of Historical Records.  She will be out of school 10/10 in order to travel to Albany to receive this award.

     We will post big events that students wish to share here! Like new siblings, performances, belt tests, etc.





     One kid's junk is another kid's treasure...

    As you do that end of summer clean out of the closet and toy chest, please keep our classroom prize box in mind.  We would gladly except donations of small, gently used items that kids would love to have.  One kid's trash is another kid's treasure!  :-)