Classroom News


    17 March 2020

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    Math Minute 

     We are wrapping up our unit on decimals. In this unit, we studied the relationship between fractions and decimals. Students were also given the chance to apply their learning to real life scenarios that involved adding and subtracting amounts of money.



    Students need to show work and read directions carefully when doing math homework.  Those who don't are invited to eat lunch in the classroom and make corrections to their homework. Parents, you can support your fourth grader by asking him/her to show you math work before it is put away. Students who repeatedly do not complete homework correctly receive a blue slip that will need to be signed. 


    Math facts! You need to know 'em when you start fourth grade.  Please be sure to work on them so that they are memorized! 





    Reading Round-up

    We spent the last week or so preparing for the NYS State ELA exam.  And guess what... WE DON'T HAVE TO TAKE IT! (Is THAT a silver lining or what?!). 

    Going forward during our at home learning time we are going to be reading stories in Storyworks and continuing our work on plot, theme, characterization and comprehension.  Work will be posted in our MS 365 Teams area.   


    Writing Wrap-up

    We recently started our unit on opinion writing. Students will be writing an opinion essay on what they believe happened to Amelia Earhart in 1937. We will be focusing on using strong reasoning and evidence to support our opinions.

    We will continue this work from home - watch for assignments in MS Office 365.


    Community Partnerships

    Mrs. Stevens-Oliver had an amazing trip to Israel! She was able to visit with our partner class at Asif school and spend some time planning a project that our two classes will work on together.


    Find the Silver Lining Slide Show

    Our first "assignment" for our partnership while we are home was posted today.  The students were asked to write a sentence or two about a silver lining to being home, rather than in school. Then they were asked to draw a nice picture to illustrate their words.  Pictures are being sent to me, and I am uploading them to the project. Our Israeli friends are doing the same. I will share a link when the project is complete.


    This project is on hold for the moment... working on doing this together online while we are home. 

    Both classes will be reading the same book about Greta, who spoke about her feelings about climate change at the UN.  We are taking the theme that children can make their voices be heard, and combining that with our unit on opinion writing. Students from both classes will be on teams that will address a world issue.  Teams will use technology to research and share ideas together.  Each student will write his/her own opinion piece, and then a joint team letter about their issue.  Letters will be sent to a world organization that deals with the issue. We're excited to be learning with our partners in Israel!

     Social Studies Sound-Bite

    The Revolutionary War has come to a victorious end! We next studied four of our nation's most important documents - the Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Ask your fourth grader to tell you about them!

    We are now studying about the westward movement and expansion into Western New York. We will look at how transportation began to change in order to move people and goods faster and cheaper.

    Social Studies coming soon to MS 365


    PBL - To be continued online!

    PBL stands for Project Based Learning.  We have kicked off our research for our project about 27 N. Main Street and the John Agate family.  Students are working in teams of 2 or 3 to analyze documents and decide what story they can tell about the people and property involved.  On Friday, 3/3 we took a trip to the Monroe County Clerk's Office.  We met the new Clerk and took a tour to see where all the records are kept.  A researcher very kindly pulled all the records on file for the property.  Very cool!






    Scholastic Book Orders.




    Community News

    There is so much community news as we all take to our homes to try and stop the spread of this virus.  Best wishes to all! Be well. 




     One kid's junk is another kid's treasure...

    As you do that end of pre-holiday clean out of the closet and toy chest, please keep our classroom prize box in mind.  We would gladly except donations of small, gently used items that kids would love to have.  One kid's trash is another kid's treasure!  :-)