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  • Updated June 2023

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    Math Minute 

    We have been reviewing all the math concepts we learned this year.


    Math facts are a must! 

    Knowing math facts for all four operations from memory is important for success in fourth grade. Practice them daily to improve memory and fluency. 




    Reading Round-UP

    We have been enjoying a variety of short texts from Storyworks Magazine. We are working hard on main idea, supporting detail and writing literature based responses.


    Writing Wrap-up

    We have a lot going on in writing. We have pretty much finished our veteran interview write-ups. Our book is being put together and we will start working on our illustrations and "hanger" project - photos coming soon to explain.

    Our work on our persuasive writing unit focusing on Amelia Earhart is well underway.  We have finished our research, written our claims and completed an organizer to help us lay out our reasons and supporting evidence. We should finsihe writing them by the first week of May.


    We were excited to receive letters and Purim masks from our partners at Asif! We are planning to Zoom with them soon. We have learned over half the Hebrew alphabet and enjoy visits from the Shinshinim.



    Community Partnerships

    May 3 we will present our Hanging with Veteran projects at the Pittsford Senior Center.

    May 10 we will present our Hanging with a Veteran projects to our families, school and town officials.


     Social Studies Sound-Bite 

    We wrapped up our study of government and are now looking at the settlement of the "western frontier" of New York.

    Donation Request

    If you do a winter clean out and find any small toys, books, crafts supplies, etc. that you are getting rid of, we would love them for our prize box.

    One kid's trash is another kid's treasure!



    treasure chest





    Project Based Learning

    Our project for the 2022-2023 school year will involve the Erie Canal in Pittsford. On 4 October, we took a walk to Pittsford Cemetery where we "met" many of the Pittsford folks who worked on the canal. They will become a part of our project. Pittsford Town Deputy Historian, Vicki Master-Profitt was our guide.