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  • Updated 30 September 2022

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    Math Minute 

    This week we reviewed addition and subtraction of larger numbers, and how to estimate by rounding the numbers first. The place value/rounding math assessments are in the Friday folder for you to see, sign and return via the Friday folder.

    Math facts are a must! 

    Knowing math facts for all four operations from memory is important for success in fourth grade. Practice them daily to improve memory and fluency. 




    Reading Round-UP

     We are learning about Author's Craft - what writers do to make their writing interesting. We focused on story-within-a-story this week by reading picture books and looking at the frame/outside story, and the inside story. Ask your fourth grader to tell you all about it!

    The quiz on conflict is graded and in the Friday folder for you to view , sign and return.


    Writing Wrap-up

    We are wrapping up a review of nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. We know what they are and how to identify them in text. We will use this knowledge to help us build better sentences.

    Your fourth grader brought home a "character" outline to cutout and decorate. The directions came home as well, but should your child lose them, they are available in the Assignment section of Teams. We will use these characters to


    Our class is doing amazing learning Hebrew! Ask your fourth grader to demonstrate.



    Community Partnerships

    On Tuesday, 4 October, we will take a trip to the Legion Post home for a pancake breakfast with some of our Veterans. We will start interviews in 2 weeks.


     Social Studies Sound-Bite 

     This week we wrapped up our study of New York State's geography. You will find the graded test in the Friday Folder to review, sign and return.

    Our next unit is about the Iroquois.


    10 - Chrystal
    19 - Ben



    Tie Dye Tees

    Today with the help of Mrs. Wenger, Mrs. Simpson and Mrs. Szymanski we tie-tyed our t-shirts for the year. We will wear these t-shirts on field trip and some spirit days. Washing directions were e-mailed out.




    Project Based Learning

    Our project for the 2022-2023 school year will involve the Erie Canal in Pittsford. After our Pancake Breakfast at the Legion Post on 4 October, we will walk to Pittsford Cemetery where will "meet" many of the Pittsford folks who worked on the canal. They will become a part of our project. Pittsford Town Deputy Historian, Vicki Master-Profitt will be our guide.






    Donation Request

    If you do a fall clean out and find any small toys, books, crafts supplies, etc. that you are getting rid of, we would love them for our prize box.

    One kid's trash is another kid's treasure!

    treasure chest