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  • Welcome to Fourth Grade Edition!

    Updated 10 April 2024

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    Math Minute 

    We have wrapped up geometry and are now working on customary measurement. Have your fourth grader try measuring at home! 

    Math facts are a must! 

    Knowing math facts for all four operations from memory is important for success in fourth grade. Practice them daily to improve memory and fluency. 



    Reading Round-UP

    We have been busy working on literature based questions and prepping for the NYS ELA test. 


    Writing Wrap-up

    We are working on persausive writing pieces focused on Ameila Earhart. Did you land on an island? Did she crash into the sea? Students will use research to back up which theory they believe to be most likely.


    We look forward to the Israeli teacher delegation visit next week!

     The Shinshinim will be here this Thursday. During their last visit (two weeks ago) they talked about differences between US and Israeli cultures (games, Pop-Artists, food, etc.).


    Community Partnerships

    Most of our Veteran


     Social Studies Sound-Bite 

    "No taxation, without represenation!" 

    "I know not what course others may take, but as for me, Give me Liberty or give me death!"

    I imagine you've heard the above quotes around your home lately. The class is very energetically learning about the American Revolution. We have talked about the causes of the war (those pesky taxes), and why New York's geography and location was so valued. We've read and sung about "The Shot Heard Round the World" (remember School House Rock?). 

    Donation Request

    If you do a winter clean out and find any small toys, books, crafts supplies, etc. that you are getting rid of, we would love them for our prize box.

    One kid's trash is another kid's treasure!



    treasure chest

    Please sign up...









    Project Based Learning

    Our project for the 2023-2024 project will focus on the businesses in some of Pittsford most historic buildings, and how and why they have changed over time.
    Pittsford Town Deputy Historian, Vicki Master-Profitt will partner with us.





    A message from the Nurses' Office

    Please put an extra pair of pants, underwear and socks in your child's backpack in case of wet or muddy falls at recess. The Nurses' Office does not have extra clothes available.





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