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    October 26, 2020

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    Housekeeping Page


    Math Minute 

    Topic 4 - a right of passage in fourth grade -DOUBLE DIGIT MULTIPLICATION!! We will learn how to solve double-digit problems using partial product method and the standard algorithm.



    Math facts! They are very important to our daily work. Taking a few minutes each day to quiz your fourth grader is very helpful.





    Reading Round-UP

    We are working enjoying Castle in the Attic. This book has examples of many of the different aspects of literature we have been studying: story-within-a-story, transformation (dynamic character), an interesting plot, and theme. Ask your fourth grade to tell you about it!



    Writing Wrap-up



    Our descriptive writing pieces are all most complete! We look forward to sharing them on Friday! We are in the editing and revising stage.

    Many fourth graders are needing reminders to use capitals to start a sentence and to use an endmarks. This should be automatic as we get back into the swing of school.


    We started our first project with our friends in Modi'in Israel this week - a set of introductory Google Slides.  When we are done, I will share the link with you.

    We have also started our Hebrew lessons - ask your child to say hello and introduce him/herself.

    NOTE: Many kids would like to add a photo of a pet, or of themselves playing a sport, etc. If you are able to help your child, you can upload these images to the Files area in our Team.


    Community Partnerships

     We are looking forward to a virtual visit from Commander Al Herdklotz!

     Social Studies Sound-Bite

    We have read about Iroquois symbols, made Iroquois games and learned how the Iroquois kept track of time (ask your fourth grader to tell you!).



    2 Mahatma Gandhi

    9 John Lennon

    11 Eleanor Roosevelt

    18 Chuck Berry

    21 Dizzy Gillespie

    25 Pablo Picasso

    27 Teddy Roosevelt





    Scholastic Book Orders.
     October book orders have ben placed and should arrive by 28th.

    November Class Order Due Date: 11/16/2020

    This is the link to the digital version of the flyer. I will send home the paper flyer next week. 


    All orders are collected online.
    Connect to Our Class Page:
    All books ship to the class, and I will hand them out to the kids to take home.
    Thank you for encouraging the love of reading!

    Class Code: F3QC3

    Halloween Plans

    TRE will celebrate Halloween on October 30.  Students are allowed to wear a comfortable costume to school (one they can wear all day long).  No costume masks are allowed (unless it is part of their COVID face mask).

    We will have special work all day long, and will have a modified "party" near the end of the day.  Please plan to send your child with a special snack to be eaten during our party - we will not be doing our normal party treats.

    Thank you!


     Indoor Recess

    We spent some time brainstorming ideas for indoor recess.  Students are welcome to bring in a small activity they can do at their desk.  Suggestions included a gallon size Zip-loc bag with Legos, magnetic building toys, dominos, etc. Weaving, knitting, other small, non-messy craft projects (no glue please), a coloring book or pad were also suggested.  The guidelines are: small enough to fit in supply box or locker top shelf; neat, easy to use on a desk top.



    Because we are in the gym, on the freshly refinished floor, we will not be able to wear shoes/boots that have been worn outside once salting starts. Please send your fourth grader a pair of sneakers/shoes/slippers (yes, slippers!) that can be kept here at school in his/her locker.