Classroom News



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    Math Minute 

    Measurement is our current topic of study.  We have talked about customary and metric units.  We are woking to convert between units.



    If your child has trouble with homework, the first step is to look at the back of the page - the Reteach side offers examples and definitions.  The next step is go to our math page (link is from our class homepage) and then click on math.  There is a link to our text book there; your student has his/her login in his/her planner.  From that site you can look at the lesson and see more examples.  You can also print out math homework if it has been lost or forgotten.


    Reading Round-up

    Our reading work this week is centered around the article, "Out of the Flames" from Storyworks Magazine.  It is the story of one woman who survived the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire.  Our work will focus on theme and main idea.




    Writing Wrap-up

    Opinions! We are working on another opinion piece.  We will be focusing on witing a great lead this week.


    Cool Happenings

     Social Studies Sound-Bite



    Scholastic Book Orders






     One kid's junk is another kid's treasure...

    As you do that post-holiday clean out of the closet and toy chest, please keep our classroom prize box in mind.  We would gladly except donations of small, gently used items that kids would love to have.  One kid's trash is another kid's treasure!  :-)