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    Math Minute 

    This week we are wrapping up Topic 6, which has been all about problem solving.  We have been working on reading carefully and looking for hidden questions. We will our assessment on Thursday, then do a short unit on factors and multiples before starting fractions in the new year. 



    Students need to show work and read directions carefully when doing math homework.  Those who don't are invited to eat lunch in the classroom and make corrections to their homework. Parents, you can support your fourth grader by asking him/her to show you math work before it is put away. Students who repeatedly do not complete homework correctly receive a blue slip that will need to be signed. 


    Math facts! You need to know 'em when you start fourth grade.  Please be sure to work on them so that they are memorized! 





    Reading Round-up

    Perspective and point of view have been our topic recently.  We read two versions of the Three Little Pigs tale, one from the Pigs perspective, and one from the Wolves.  We compared and contrast these versions and each student decided who he/she believed - ask your fourth grader about it!

    This week we are talking about how author's can choose to write their story in first, second or third person.  We will learn the differences between these, and how to identify them.




    Writing Wrap-up

    Our personal narratives are finished and graded.  We are just finishing up typing them.  We will be sharing them in class the next few days.  From now until break we will work to finish up our Veteran interview write ups.


    Community Partnerships


    *Time with our Shinshinim

    *Writing our Veteran interviews

    *Video tour of our school for Asif


     Social Studies Sound-Bite
    Do you know what New York was called before it was New York, and who colonized it? Your fourth grader does - ask him/her about it! We have learned about the early explorers to what is now New York, and early colonization.  We have talked about the fur trade and its impact on settlement. We will conclude this unit prior to break with Colonial Craft Day!
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    Scholastic Book Orders

    December/Holiday book orders were sent home last Friday.

    Our book order will be due by December 11.



    Community News






     One kid's junk is another kid's treasure...

    As you do that end of pre-holiday clean out of the closet and toy chest, please keep our classroom prize box in mind.  We would gladly except donations of small, gently used items that kids would love to have.  One kid's trash is another kid's treasure!  :-)