About Ms. Lübbers


                    Elementary Art

      I started working in the art department of the PCSD in 1998.  I taught six years at Sutherland High School and since then have been the art teacher at Thornell Road Elementary School.  In 2009/2010 I also taught a semester class in ceramics at Sutherland High School.  During the first semester of 2010/2011 I taught a class in ceramics at Mendon High School and in 2011/12 a class in contemporary crafts.  During 2012/13 I taught 8th graders at Barker Road Middle School and during 2013/14 I taught twice a week at Mendon Center Elementary four 1st grade classes and one 4th grade class.


      I grew up in Dortmund, Germany.  After high school I studied to become a nurse with the German Red Cross in Marburg and later worked as a nurse in Hamburg.

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      In 1989 I moved to Rochester, NY.  I had a student visa and after studying at SUNY Brockport received a BA in Art. I went to the University of Buffalo to get an MA in Art History.  Later on I received a Teaching Certificate in Art from Nazareth College.  I also have a Certificate in Creativity and Change Leadership from the International Center of Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State College.   I have studied mindfulness on my own and by participating in several collegial circle.

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    In 2001 I became a United States of America citizen.

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    Helga Shaver Lübbers

                   Helga Lubbers