Thornell Road Counseling

  • Welcome Thornell Road families.

    The Pittsford School Counseling Program is designed to be comprehensive, developmental, and preventive. The curriculum helps to ensure that all students become effective learners, achieve personal and social goals, and develop into responsible, contributing members of a global society. 

    There are many services provided for students, classrooms, families, and staff.

    Classroom lessons are age appropriate and build upon previously taught skills throughout the elementary years.  Primary grades receive lessons in social thinking, teamwork, problem solving, self regulation and conflict resolution.  Intermediate grades learn about growth mindset, pursuing challenges, self-advocacy, communication skills, standing up for self and others, doing one’s best work, and being one’s best self.

    Individual counseling can be provided on a short-term basis to assist with school-based social, emotional, and academic challenges.  Students, parents, or teachers may initiate services by contacting the counselor directly. Contact information is below. 

    Peer support groups are formed when there are students with similar needs.  Groups typically focus on friendship and social skills, changing families, anxiety and stress management, and school transition. 

    The school counselor is available for families to discuss and support any concerns that may affect a child's ability to learn. Sometimes changes at home can have an impact at school. If you have changes at home, feel free to reach out so we can be more responsive to your child’s needs. Working together we will be more successful!


    Contact Information:

    Maggie Craig, School Counselor