Math Support

  • Pittsford Central School District has a math program to assist students who qualify for math support. Thornell Road Elementary is very pleased to be part of this program for grades 2-5. The math support program is very successful in improving the student's applications, concepts, math skills and competence. Math sessions take place either in my room in a small group setting or during math instruction in the regular classroom.

    Each teacher carefully chooses the math sessions so that their students will not miss classroom instruction when they come to me for math support. During math support the weekly math curriculum is re-taught, practiced and reviewed. Study skills are incorporated along with review for quizzes and tests to build self-confidence and to relieve test anxieties, if there are any. In this small group setting we are able to address the specific areas and needs of each student.

    Thank you for your support and encouragement in your child's learning.

    Mrs. Mari Wolk
    Math Support