Speech /Language Specialist

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    Speech /Language Specialist

    Speech/ language support services are provided to students at Thornell by a Speech-Language Pathologist, as determined by testing and prioritized by need. If parents and/or teachers have concerns about a child's speech, they may request an initial screening by contacting the speech pathologist. Speech / language therapy focuses on improving communication skills in the following areas:

    • Language Skills (understanding and expression of grammar and vocabulary)
    • Listening Skills (memory, comprehension and auditory processing)
    • Articulation (correct production of speech sounds)
    • Phonological Awareness Skills (identifying sounds in words, beginning/ending sounds in words, sound blending, rhyming, word segmentation)
    • Fluency (using slow easy speech pattern without repetitions, hesitations, or blocks when speaking)
    • Voice (adequate and proper quality, pitch, volume)
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