Concert Dates

  • Barker Road Middle School

    Concert, Festival, and Show Dates 2018-19

    November 2-3 – Jr. High Area All-State Wayne Central School District

    Thursday December 6th -  7th and 8th Gr. Orchestra Concert, 7:00pm

    Wednesday December 12th -  7th and 8th Gr. Band Concert, 7:00pm

    Tuesday December 18th -  6th Gr. Chorus, Band, Orchestra, Select Chorus Concert, @ MHS, 7:00pm

    Wednesday December 19th- 7th and 8th Gr. Chorus Concert, @ CRMS, 7:00pm

    Tuesday January 8th – Wind Ensemble/Percussion Ensemble/Festival Orchestra, @ CRMS 7:00pm

     January 18-19 -  Jr. High Solo Festival Brighton

    January 17, 18, 19 – 7th and 8th Gr. Musical, @ BRMS, 7:00pm

    January 19 – 7th and 8th Gr. Musical, @ BRMS, 2:00pm

    Wednesday January 30th –  7th and 8th Gr. Select Choruses and Jazz Ensemble Concert, 7:00pm

    January 25-26 – Hosting Elementary Solo Festival

    Wednesday February 13th – String Extravaganza, @ MHS 7:00pm

    Friday February 15th – “We Love Music Assembly” 10:45am

    Thursday February 28th  – District Choral Festival

    March 15-16 – Junior High All-County Festival – Greece

    Wednesday March 20th – Elementary All-County Read Through (Webster)

    March 29-30 – Elementary All-County – Penfield High School

    Tuesday April 9th – 6th Gr. Musical during the school day

    Wednesday April 10th – 6th Gr. Musical 7:00pm

    Wednesday May 15th - 7th and 8th Gr. Chorus Concert, @ MHS, 7:00pm

    Friday May 17th – District Jazz Festival

    Monday May 20st – NYSSMA In-House Solo Festival @ CRMS, 4:00-9:00pm

    Tuesday May 21st –  7th and 8th Gr. Orchestra, 7:00pm

    Wednesday May 29th – 7th and 8th Gr. Band, 7:00pm

    Thursday May 30th -  6th Gr. Band, Chorus, Orchestra, Select Chorus and Jazz Band, @ MHS 7:00pm

    Friday May 31st – Wind Ensemble/Percussion Ensemble @ CRMS 7:00pm

    Monday June 3rd -  7th and 8th Gr. Select Choruses and Jazz Ensemble, 7:00pm