6th Grade General Music

  • 6th Grade General Music

    6th grade general music meets every other day for 20 weeks or half a semester.

    Class Rules and Expectations:

    • Students will come to class ready to learn.
    • Students will arrive to class on time or with a pass if late.
    • Students will bring their binder and something to write with to every class.
    • Students should participate to their fullest potential and have fun.


    Instruction will focus on the elements of Music:   MELODY, HARMONY, RHYTHM, TIMBRE, FORM AND EXPRESSION.

    • Students will learn to read and write rhythms.
    • Students will learn to read and write in treble and bass clef.
    • Students will compose their own rhythmic and melodic compositions.
    • Students will be introduced to the keyboard and taught to play the keyboard according to their individual skill level.
    • Students will study many different composers from the following periods:  Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th Century.
    • Students will study the many instruments within an orchestra focusing on the four families of instruments:  strings, brass, woodwinds and percussion.

    Classroom Structure:
    A variety of learning activities that relate to objectives will be experienced in every class.

    • Composer notes and listening.
    • Singing
    • Perform/create musical compositions
    • Play classroom instruments with emphasis on keyboard instruction