7th Grade General Music

  • 7th Grade General Music:
    7th grade general music meets every other day for 20 weeks or half a semester.

    Class Rules and Expectations:

    • Students will come to class ready to learn.
    • Students will arrive to class on time or with a pass if late.
    • Students will bring their binder/folder and something to write with to every class.
    • Students should participate to their fullest potential and have fun.


    Instruction is built on the concepts taught in 6th grade general music (melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre, form and expression)

    • Students will spend 5 weeks in the computer lab. While in the computer lab students will review the basic elements of music and music theory. They will spend time listening and practicing aural skills. They will construct major scales and compose rhythms and melodies using Finale and Garage Band.
    • Students will spend 5 weeks studying and practicing the guitar. Basic fundamental playing of melodies and chords will be taught. A system of guitar notation called tablature and chord frame diagrams will be introduced.