Barker Road Middle School

  • Going Green with Technology:

    • Use of interactive response systems to assess students
    • Online textbooks
    • Parent Portal (eliminating mailing 5 week reports)
    • Use of dittos on the Smart Board, posting to Web
    • Summer mailing reduced and placed on Web (supply lists, reading lists, course of studies)
    • Discontinuation of daily printing TIP sheet by using Infinite Campus
    • Communicate via website instead of paper (morning announcements, morning announcements archives, e-messaging for important messages)
    • The PTSA communicates with parents via the Weekly e-newsletter instead of through paper communications.   

    Going Green - Students:

    • Students generated projects educating other students on recycling and other environmentally responsible behaviors
    • Students launched the bottle cap collection to be recycled by Aveda. They created containers and informational posters for the cafeteria
    • Recycling program (5 cent refundable deposit, capri sun pouches, milk and bottle caps, non-refundable bottles/cans)
    • During the industrial revolution unit, students write about the benefits of recycling and reducing. They also read poems about it. They research and name specific things that Americans are doing to fight the environmental problems that result from industry (over producing too many goods, consumerism and pollution)

    Going Green - Faculty:

    • Post assignments and handouts on website
    • Using back of handouts (for checking for understanding) instead of another piece of paper
    • Using the Smart Board in an interactive fashion, alleviating the use of handouts
    • Use of email to communicate internally
    • Encourage use of reusable water bottles
    • Encourage and increase lesson plans completed electronically
    • Recycling boxes in classrooms and hallways
    • Educating students within their content area about being environmentally responsible

    Going Green - PTSA & Community:

    • Community Service Club, Parent volunteers and students maintain an organic farm and garden with composting
    • Eagle Scout Project - plant trees and greenery
    • Imagine It Program - recycling toner, recycling cell phones, small electronics
    • Purchased recycling containers shaped like a bottle (used in halls, cafeteria)