6th Grade Chorus

  • 6th Grade Chorus is open to any student in 6th Grade at Barker Road Middle School.  We meet in M-1 everyday, but some students are also in band or orchestra.  The 6th Grade Chorus is a treble chorus with a curriculum that focuses on foundational singing technique:  posture, proper breathing, vocal production, correct pitches and rhythms and other artistic aspects of vocal music.

    The attire for 6th Grade Chorus members is as follows:
    BOYS: a shirt with a collar and buttons. An open dress shirt or a polo style shirt is also okay. Pants should be nicer than jeans, for example khakis or a similar style in a different color. No jeans and try to wear shoes not sneakers.

    GIRLS: Please dress up!  This could be dress or a skirt, but outfits that include pants or leggings might also be dressy enough. Wear comfortable shoes!

    General rules for BOYS and GIRLS: Please avoid athletic attire (workout or gym clothes), big logos and heavy sweaters.  The stage lights tend to be warm so don't wear a lot of layers.  We want you to look nice and to be comfortable!