2018-19 Budget Proposal with Full-Day Kindergarten Adopted by Board of Education

  • The Pittsford Central School District's 2018-19 Budget Proposal was adopted by the Board of Education on April 16, 2018. The adopted Budget Proposal includes a Full-Day Kindergarten program with no impact on the tax levy.

    The agreement secures an enhanced three-year incentive in the New York State budget for Full-Day Kindergarten in Pittsford. Pittsford will receive 100% conversion aid for transitioning to Full-Day Kindergarten in the first year, 65% in the second year and 35% in the third year. This is the largest Kindergarten Transition Aid offered in New York State history.

    With the introduction of Full-Day Kindergarten in Pittsford Schools, students will now have the opportunity to experience all the benefits of an engaging, developmentally appropriate full-day program. According to research, children who attend Full-Day Kindergarten programs show greater social, emotional and behavior development. They are also better prepared for school, demonstrate stronger learning skills, and earn higher academic achievement in later grades.

    PCSD thanks Senator Funke, the PCSD Advocacy Team, PTSA, Pittsford Cares, and all the parents, residents and staff members who advocated for students.

    More information will be forthcoming as budget details are rolled out.

A Day in the Life of a PCSD Kindergartener

April 2, 2018 NYS Budget Update

  • Advocacy efforts heard in Albany

    • PCSD Base Budget balances with additional Foundation Aid.
    • Full-Day Kindergarten Conversion Aid provided over three years, however program start-up costs not addressed.

    As Pittsford Central School District continues to work through the New York State 2018-2019 Budget runs from Albany, it is not yet clear whether PCSD will be able to offer a Full-Day Kindergarten (FDK) program.

    The State Budget includes three years of FDK conversion aid, two years less than what was proposed in one House bill and appears to be several hundred thousand dollars less than the one House bill. Over the next several days, we will be analyzing the State budget, and identifying areas that could reduce FDK start-up costs.

    We are, however, grateful to Governor Cuomo, Senator Funke, Assembly Majority Leader Morelle, other local legislators, PCSD Advocacy Team, PCSD staff, PTSA, Pittsford Cares, and all the residents who advocated on behalf of our schools.