Grading Policies

  • How are grades determined?

    Students will be graded based on level of performance for each of the ELA Common Core Standards. Not all student work will be graded. All work is graded on a point system, where each assessment is then weighted accordingly, relative to how many points it is worth.

    Frequently, homework is to read selected pages in a novel or story, prepare a response that will be the focus of next class, prepare for an in class assessment, or produce a written piece that will be evaluated for a grade. In a sense, homework is not graded and evaluated daily. Homework is considered to be the steps taken to reach an end result or product, and the product will be graded.

    It is expected that students complete their work in a timely fashion for optimal class participation the following day. Students should receive a grade that reflects their abilities; therefore, I will never deduct points from an assignment directly. Grades should reflect the level of student learning, not the timeliness of its completion. I will flag an assignment as “late” to identify any late work. Any item flagged as "missing" will be calculated as a zero by Infinite Campus until the assignment is turned in and graded. I rarely give zeros for any work. If an assignment is never turned in, I usually will give partial credit based my observation on the level of work and effort applied in class for that particular standard being assessed.

    This option is completely relevant to the assignment or task. Sometimes yes; sometimes no. It never hurts to ask, and I will communicate when it is not an option.