Writing an Argument

  • Take a Stance!

    One of the things we focus on in the Decisions unit is how an author can convince a reader. Often pieces a written with a bias or the author tries to convince the reader of something. In this unit we will look at the components that make something convincing. In the stories we read, authors try to convince the readers of something. What are the techniques they use? We will look at some articles on heated topics: what evidence is most convincing?

    In addition, we will work on writing an argument. How do make a claim? What type of evidence should support that claim to convince the reader?

    The attached file below is a template for writing an argument. If the template is used properly, it completely prompts the writer through each step of writing an argument. When done, just delete the columns and rows you don't want from the table, click "convert to text" on the table format tab, and viola! You have an essay that just needs a little formatting and--it's DONE!

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