Literature Reflects Life

  • The essence of this unit focuses around The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. This is work of literature can be a bit of a challenge to some students due to its extensive use of regional dialect and colloquialisms.

    For assistance during reading, I suggest using any of the online audio versions of the text. Most I have found are read by John Greenman. There are links below of some websites that have the text and or audio of the novel. In addition, there are two apps available. One of them has not been updated, so you can't download it unless you have an older version of ios. Unfortunately, this app is my preferred one since it has the audio and the text so students can follow along as they listen.

    The other app is an audio book version. This is the one I recommend since the other one has not been updated. If you type in a search for "Tom Sawyer audio book" you will see the option for the Phillip Harris version. This app is the audio only, but it will allow students to pick up where they left off last time they listened to the book. Most importantly, it's FREE!

Audio Book App by Phillip Harris

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