• Perseverance

    Unit Summary: As the first unit of the year, the focus is on expository writing. Specifically, students will practice pulling text based details to support a controlling idea. With reading literature, students will analyze texts to determine a theme and explore elements of a story. The anchor text is the novel, The Outsiders, along with the film version. The unit also includes a book club. The texts in the unit focus around the topic of Perseverance. The summative for this unit is an expository essay.

    Essential Understandings:

    • Authors develop a theme or central idea over the course of a text.
    • Perseverance helps individuals, both real and fictional, overcome challenges.

    Essential Questions:

    • How do individuals, real and fictional, use words and actions to demonstrate perseverance?
    • How do authors develop a central idea or theme over the course of a text?
    • How do writers use the writing process to improve their work?
    • How does using textual evidence support your analysis of the text?