PASS at Pittsford Schools

  • Pittsford Advocates for Special Students - P A S S

    Who We Are

    Parents of children with all types of disabilities receiving Special Education Services
    A district-wide network of parents
    A group of parents concerned about Special Education issues and trends 

    What We Do 

    Provide ongoing support
    Encourage teamwork
    Promote effective communications between parents and professionals
    Evaluate current processes
    Identify and collaborate on improvement opportunities
    Influence positive change
    Update constituent groups on changes in regulations and district policies
    Sponsor education for parents and staff
    Represent Pittsford Special Education interests in and outside of the district
    Advocate for greater disability awareness and acceptance

    Become Involved
    Participate in business meetings (2nd Tuesday every other month)
    Attend PASS evening presentations
    Read PASS e-news
    Use PASS library books, tapes and literature  

    Join the network of parents supporting other parents!

    Keys to Advocacy

    A vision for your child
    A plan and priorities
    Information-strengths, needs, test results, teacher comments, resources, rights and policies
    Documentation / record keeping
    Perspective-Yours, their and others
    Communication-assertiveness, listening, asking questions, focusing on current issues
    Positive reinforcement and feedback 

    Reaching Us at PASS