Yearbook Club

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    At Barker Road we not only publish a yearbook, we create one. We take our yearbook creation seriously and pack it full of amazing photos and stories that capture our Barker spirit. Each year student editors are selected and they run the show! We meet after school a couple days a week, usually Wednesdays and Fridays, and pour every ounce of our creativity into our 100+ page yearbook. 

    Want to be a part of this amazing process? It's not easy. It takes hard work and commitment to create a yearbook. Think you've got what it takes? Please complete this Form (only students at Pittsford can fill this out) and you will be added to our TEAM page upon review. Mrs. Read (she is the yearbook advisor and our librarian) will get you connected to our Barker Road student editors. They will get you trained in no time! Here is the link for the Form: Yearbook Application Form

    Yearbook Covers