Do you emphasize the value of kindness? Take our quiz.

  • Do you emphasize with your child the value of kindness?

    Being a "mean girl" or a bully is never the way to succeed in school -- or in life.  Take this quiz to see if you are promoting kindness in your child. 

    Answer yes to things you do always or often and answer no to things you do rarely or never.

          1.  I model kindness for my child by treating her -- and all others -- with kindness and respect.

          2.  I tell my child that the Golden Rule (treating others as you would like to be treated) is a very important value in our family.

          3.  I promote empathy in my child.  "Remember how you felt when you didn't get invited to Kaitlyn's party?"

          4.  I praise my child whenever I catch her being kind to somebody else.

          5.  I encourage my child to befriend a wide variety of students, not just those in her "group," even if the kids in her group don't welcome them as easily.

    How well are you doing?
    The more yes answer you have means you are demonstrating kindness to your child.  If you have more no answers, try the ideas from the quiz to help promote kindness.

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