BRMS Health Office

  • Welcome to the School Nurse's Page for Barker Road Middle School!

    On this page, you can find important information regarding the nurses office with any questions of concerns. Our office hours are Monday- Friday 7:30AM-3:30PM. Below you can find our contact information: 

     Phone: 585.267.1840

     Fax: 585.385.4245

    Karlie Borrell, RN School Nurse

    Melissa Rivoli, LPN School Nurse

    *Email both nurses at:


FamilyID information

    1. Must go online to the Athletic page to FamilyID to register for all sports.

    2. Must have a current physical on file at BRMS. Please be advised, physicals and self carry/ self administer medications completed by the medical provider must be attached to the upload on FamilyID. The physical date accepted will change for every new sports season.


    Athletics Homepage Link for FamilyID, procedures, start dates, and deadlines.

    Link for Current Athletic Information specifically for BRMS.


  • Is your child interested in playing a school sport?
    Register for all sports online @FamilyID

    *7th and 8th Graders who wish to play up on a Freshman, JV, or Varsity level team must be invited by the coach. Students and/or parents will be notified by the coach if the student is invited.

    Please register on FamilyID on Fall 2019 APP Sports Registration. Please do not Register your child on Mendon High School.

    Please contact the Athletic Office with questions at 267-1062.

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Middle School Immunization and Physical Requirements

  • Immunizations must be up to date within 14 days of starting school. 
    Please see below for further NY State Immunization requirements.

    If your child's physician is unable to vaccinate your child, please refer to:
    Monroe County Dept. of Public Health
    111 Westfall Road Rochester, NY

    Physical exams by your child's physician are required for all students in 7th grade. 

Additional Health Office Information

  • Medications: According to NYS law, any medication either administered and/or self-carried at school, including over-the-counter medication (ex. Cough Drops, Motrin, Tylenol ) require written permission from the physician and a parent or guardian. Medications must be in their original container, and must be brought to school by an adult to ensure their safety. If the medication is pharmacy filled, please be sure to have the pharmacy label on the container. Medication is not provided by the Health Office. Must be supplied by the parent to be administered.

    Allergies: Parents should notify the nurse if their child has any health concerns/ issues, particularly if there is a food, bee-sting, latex, or other serious allergy. Appropriate measures will then be taken. 

    Fever/Vomiting or Diarrhea: Students must be kept home for a full 24 hours after they have recovered from any of the above. If students are sent home with a fever, they should not be in school the next day. Students should be able to tolerate a regular diet. 

    Contagious illness: Please report when a child has been diagnosed with strep, chicken pox, or has head lice. Other families in that classroom will be notified. However, the student's name is kept confidential. 

    Injuries: Please call the health office if your child is coming to school with stitches, a cast, crutches, etc. A note from their physician describing the injury and the activities allowed is required. If your child is restricted from gym, they will be unable to attend outside recess or sports.