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    Student Adventure Club TEAMS Page

    send Mr. Sacch an email to be added to the Adventure Clun TEAMS page.



    Are you interested in joining Adventure Club?

    Turn in the Health Form attached at the bottom of the page.
    After your Health Form is received, you will be added to the BRMS TEAMS page.
    There you will have access to all of the information.


    Please read the FAQ section.This will help to eliminate confusion.

    If needed, send me an email directly at:
    *Please read the FAQ before sending an email.


    Frequently Asked Questions? 

    Is the Health Form different than the one turned in at the beginning of the year for the school nurse? 
    *YES. Students MUST turn in the completed Health Form that is attached at the bottom of this page.
    This is a different form than the school form. Turn in the Adventure Club Health Form ASAP.
    Do this even if you are not going on your first adventure. This is a one-time form, it does not have to be turned in for every trip.

    When are permission slips due?
    *Permission slips will usually be due the week BEFORE the adventure.
    *Permission slips will be posted on Student TEAMS Page starting in October. 
    *No permission slips accepted after the first bell on the due date.

    When is the first meeting?
    There is NO meeting.
    *Details are also shared during the morning announcements and on Student TEAMS Page .

    Can I still join?
    *Yes, you can always join Adventure Club. 
    If you are joining after September, you must see me in room 109.

    Can permission slips and/or the Health Form be emailed to the school?
    No. Your child should drop a hard copy to Collection Box in room 109.
    If you have computer/printer issues, please pick up forms from the Student Center.
    They are available there. Students can also print here at school.

    Do I have to go on every trip?
    *NO, of course not. 

    How much does it cost?
    It depends on the adventure. Most adventures are in the $25-$35 range. 

    Permission slips are due prior to each trip. Payment is not. 
    PAYMENT should be brought in CASH on the day of the trip. Do not pay in advance.
    Many kids bring extra money to events.
    See permission slip on Student Teams Page for more specific information. 

    Food allergies. What happens if my child can not eat the food provided at the event?
    Does this impact the cost?

    *The cost remains the same regardless.
    We negotiate package deals that include everything. There is no real way to back out the cost of part of the Adventure.
    When in doubt, send your child with their own snack.
    We will try our best to get them a suitable replacement at the adventure.
    This is not always possible.

    Parent volunteers
    *It is rare that we ask for parent volunteers. One of the purposes of Adventure Club is for kids to socialize and bond with one another. We have parents tell us their kid doesn't mind if they attend, while the kid is telling us that they do. Even if your kid doesn't mind you there, your kid's friends might. We will ask for parent volunteers when needed.

    Can I drop my child off at the event? Can I pick them up early?
    *No, kids can not get dropped off at the event or picked up early. Kids that are going with the club need to take the bus to the event and back. Kids can not get dropped off or picked up early. If there is a scheduling issue, family members will need to make the choice of attending the entire event or not attending at all.  

    What about permission slip due dates?
    *Due dates are not negotiable. The school nurse has to check health forms and permission slips for all attendees. The district administration needs student bus assignments for all field trips. We need time to process all of this info. The due dates are firm and non-negotiable.  

    Do adventures ever get closed or filled to capacity before the permission slip due date?
    *Yes, we close events when full. Avoid this issue by turning in permission slips early/ASAP. Buses have a maximum occupancy. If a bus is full, it's full. When this happens, we close the event. This is also not negotiable. Parents dropping off their children at an event is not a solution to this issue. ONLY kids that go with the club on the bus may attend. Get your permission slip turned in as soon as possible.  When the bus is full, we can't take any more.  

    Where do I get permission slips from?
    Permission Slips for individual Adventures are posted on Student TEAMS Page prior to each trip.
    An infinite campus email will be sent informing you that the permission slip is available.
    As soon as one Adventure ends, the permission for the next Adventure gets posted.
    You should be receiving these regularly at the email address you provided to the school.

    Who is participating in the club this year?
    *A list of Adventure Club members will be posted on Student TEAMS Page.
    Check that list to see if your name is on it. There were 165 members last year. About 80 go on each adventure.
    ALL Adventures are first come, first served. They do close out when we reach our max. 

    How will I know if I am on the list to attend an event?
    How do I know my permission slip has been received?
    *As permission slips are turned in, the Adventure Club Member List attached on Student TEAMS Page. 
    When you turn in a permission slip, it will be marked on the list below. 
    Do not assume you are good to go because you turned in your permission slip.
    Confirm your status on the list at the bottom of this page.
    If there are issues, I will highlight your name and you should see me.
    If your name is not on the list at all, you have not turned in the required Health Form.
    Please do not email me to see if your child has turned in the paperwork. Instead, check the members list below.

    What do I do if I am not receiving informational emails or if I need to change email address?
    *Emails are sent through Infinite Campus.

    I do not have the ability to change your email address. Only BRMS office personnel can do that.
    Call the school to address issues with email. 267-1800
    I do have as much info as possible on this site.
    Emails are for reminders and cancellations if needed.

    *All emails are sent to the entire group. The message might not apply to you specifically. These emails are reminders to the entire group.

    What about transportation?
    We use district buses. Due to transportation issues, many adventures will take place on Saturdays, evenings, or non-schoool days.

    Financial difficulties?  
    *Pittsford Central School Districts strives to make our school environment one in which all children can learn and succeed. If any event, offering, cost, or material of Adventure Club serves as a financial hardship or strain on your family, please work directly with your building Principal or School Counselor at any time to secure necessary financial assistance through a confidential conversation.    

    To join, please complete the tasks below.

    Task 1
    Complete and return the Health Form Collection Box in Room 109. Scroll to the bottom of this page for form. This is a different form than the school health form. This ONLY has to be done ONCE. You will be enrolled in Adventure Club after turning in this form.

    Task 2
    For each trip, follow the directions on the permission slip. Turn in the permission slip to the Student Center. Permission slips are posted at the bottom of this page.  Permission slips are posted soon after the end of the previous adventure. Do not include payment when you turn in the permission slip. Bring cash on the day of the adventure.

    Task 3
    Please have a parent read the Frequently Asked Questions on this page. Please do this! This saves so much confusion.

    Task 4
    Check your status. See the members list on the TEAMS page. Here, you can check to see if you are signed up and able to attend the next Adventure. Your name is only added to this list after you turn in the Health Form. If your name is not listed, you need to turn in your Health Form. The Members List will also indicate that you turned in your permission slip. 


    2023 - 2024
    Adventure Club Event Calendar

    September 23
    The Clubhouse Fun Center 

    October 14
    Amazing Maize Maze
    November 22 (NO SCHOOL)

    Day before Thanksgiving
    Horizon Fun FX 

    December 21

    GEVA: A Christmas Carol
    Any and all Barker students and families can attend.
    January TBD

    Pink The Rink 
    February Break
    Scavenger Hunt

    March TBD

    April 25 

    Altitude Trampoline Park

    MAY = TBD

    JUNE = No Adventure

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