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    2019 - 2020 
    Student Council
     Barker Road Student Council is a leadership club that supports the entire student body. Our goal is to have a positive impact on the school culture. The BRMS Student Council is a student government club that promotes events and activities that model our Core Principles. Student Council is looking for students who want to develop their creativity, public speaking, and decision-making skills. We work cooperatively to reach our common goals.  This group is open to 6, 7, and 8th grade students. Meetings typically take place twice a month. Students interested will participate in an election process to obtain a position in the club. The BRMS Student Council is extremely active. Our annual fundraiser supports a great deal of our work. We feel strongly that every student at Barker Road benefits from all that Student Council offers.   
    * In the fall of every year, the BRMS Student Council runs a school wide fundraiser. 
    This is the student council fundraiser.
    Student council members are expected (not required) to participate. 
    Everyone at Barker Road benefits from this fundraiser.  We hope you participate. 
    For more information or to see how funds are used, click HERE.



    8th Grade Officers
    President  - Grace BiswasCurran Deehan
    Vice Pres. -  John Collins                      
    Secretary -  Jack Archer    
    Treasurer -  Noor Bains

    8th Grade Representatives

    Jack Archer, Noor Bains, Grace Biswas, 
    Kyle Burdick, John Collins, Curran Deehan,
    Brionna Dumais, Cameron Watt, Lilly Calabrese

    7th Grade Officers

    President - Campbell Kazacos
    Vice President - Charlotte Engin                        
    Secretary - Sophia Golemb   
    Treasurer - Cailey Huang

    7th Grade Representatives

    Zuri Akwaa, Charlotte Engin, Dillon Frank, Sarah Gestring,
    Sophia Golemb, Arianna Knolla, Andrew He, Keira Heffron,
    Cailey Huang, Campbell Kazacos, Griffin Rizzi, Harper Wilkens, 


    6th Grade Representatives
    Matthew Belous, Kevin Curran, William Harrington, Ryan Iacobucci,
    Colin Krohn, Michael Musa, Haley Sellers, Sadie Sutter, Musa Zafar


    Virtual Student Council(edmodo Only)
    Jay Biswas, Reeve Cincotta, Evan Dai, Zach DeGrave, Maya Gower
    James Kazacos, Ishaan Ramesh, Alexis Thompson

    Meeting Dates
    Please try to be at all meetings. We understand when you can't be.
    Next meeting = October 4, 2019. 

    WEAR YOUR Student Council T-SHIRT to school on all meeting days.



    Mr. Sacch         
    Purple Team         
    Grade 6         
    Room 109                                                                                                                          

    Mr. Cutaia         
    Yellow Team         
    Grade 7         
    Room 206
































    Hello 6th grade candidates!

    Please read EVERYTHING listed here.

    First- THANK YOU for wanting to be a part of Student Council.

    Thank you for wanting to help make BRMS a better place.

    You should all be PROUD of yourself for running.

    It takes courage. YOU have that!


    There are 2 ways to participate in Student Council.

    You can be a virtual member or a representative.

    You are ALL a part of the BRMS Virtual Student Council.

    EVERYONE THAT RAN is in the Virtual Student Council All of you are invited to participate as virtual members of SC on Edmodo.

    See the Edmodo code below.

    All of you can and SHOULD join the Edmodo Student Council Group.

    If you were not elected, you can still comment and participate on Edmodo.

    Many of our virtual members become representatives in 7th grade.


    If you were elected, YOUR name is listed as a representative below.

    If your name is below, CONGRATULATIONS!

    YOU are a representative. Only representatives come to meetings.


    EDMODO code = these change frequently. Ask.


    After the election results are in, we have 6 tasks for you.

    #1 Take your posters down. (all of you) #2 Be sure to sign up for Student Council Edmodo. (all of you)

    #3 Leave a message on Edmodo. (all of you) #4 Have a student council folder for our meetings.           (ONLY those elected and listed as representatives above) #5 Come to the meeting on Friday, 10/04 after school in room 109.           (ONLY those elected and listed as representatives below) #6 Know your T-shirt size. We will place shirt orders at our first meeting.

              (ONLY those elected as representatives listed below)

    #7 Are you participating the fundraiser? Student Council members should.

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