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    The 2024 Rules/Event Manual is NOW POSTED
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    BRMS Science Olympiad Club

     2023 - 2024

    Regionals take place at St. John Fisher College

    Regional Competition is SATURDAY, March 2, 2024

    State Competitions in Syracuse, April 5 - 6, 2024


    ***The State Competition is during April Break this year. Find out your vacation plans ASAP.
    You might not want to join this year if you plan on being away on April 5 & 6.***


    Are you available on the dates listed above?

    The Science Olympiad manual will be attached when available.. 

    Science Olympiad is a competitive club. Pairs of students work together in two or three science related events. Science Olympiad competes at the regional level against other schools. Medals are awarded at the end of the competition for each event. There are four types of events that kids can participate in.

    • Core Knowledge Event: An event where participants are given a set of topics that they are expected to research and master the factual content. Mastery is then demonstrated at a tournament by taking a paper-pencil or computer test.

    • Building Event: An event where participants are given some specifications about a device or object they are expected to design, create, and test in advance of the tournament. The devices or objects are often modified on site to account for an unknown parameter prior to testing or evaluation.

    • Laboratory/Hands-On Event: An event where participants are given a general topic in which they will be expected to deepen their content knowledge of the topic and associated research techniques prior to the tournament. At the tournament the they will be assessed by the completion of a hands-on task, which may or may not require a written report, within a defined timeframe.

    • Hybrid Event: An event which contains elements from two, or more, of the above event types in combination. The most common combination mixes elements of a Core Knowledge event with elements of a Building event. Building, scientific process, and knowledge events are the three basic categories of events. 

    Each Science Olympiad member is expected to participate in 3 events. The three events should be in different categories.






    2024 Rules/Event Manual  
    CLICK HERE = 2024 Manual  


    Science Olympiad Store
    CLICK HERE = Science Olympiad ( 


    Science Olympiad Club meeting = TBD.

    Meet after school in room 109.


    * In the fall of every year, the BRMS Student Council runs a school wide fundraiser. 
    This fundraiser supports this club.
    In fact, student council has donated more to Science Olympiad than to any other club. 
    Everyone at Barker Road benefits from this fundraiser.
    Please consider participating.

    Even if you just buy one book.
    For more information or to see how funds are used, click HERE.

    GENERAL INFORMATION About Science Olympiad

    Science Olympiad is similar to the Odyssey of the Mind Program that many children participate in at the elementary level. Like that program, Science Olympiad requires a substantial time commitment, a dedication to teammates and coaches, a positive attitude, and a strong work ethic. If you come with these attributes, you will have a rewarding and fun learning experience in Science Olympiad Club.

    Obviously, activities and problem solving focus on the application of SCIENCE knowledge and skills.

    Teams consist of 15 students. Barker Road School will support and sponsor two teams. Consequently, space is limited. Within the team, students work in pairs on specific events. Each member of the Barker Road Team will participate in 3 events.

    Parent involvement is essential. Typically, a parent of one of the two partners take the lead in a specific events.  That Parent will then become knowledgeable with the specifics of that event and lead the team of two participating in that event. The NUMBER ONE priority for parent coaches is to be sure that participants are meeting on a regular basis. Also, make sure kids are paying attention to the rules and specifics as stated in the manual.

    You can also click on the links below for more information.

    2024 Rules/Event Manual  
    CLICK HERE = 2024 Manual

    Science Olympiad Store
    CLICK HERE = Science Olympiad ( 


    New York State Science Olympiad Website

    Click on ICON below:


    National Science Olympiad Website Click on ICON below:


    The Science Olympiad Student Center Wiki:

    North Carolina SO web site:
    Particularly helpful state site for many events (with the usual caveat 
    that rules and events can vary from state to state).



    General Information


    1. Science Olympiad is an excellent competitive outlet for science and technology for children.
    2. Teams need to be organized, meetings scheduled, gather materials, etc. 
    3. Rules:  Pay attention to them! They are often not studied fully. They need to be memorized and reviewed. Also, be sure to check the State Website frequently. The rules can and WILL change before competition time.
    4. Research should be more than online via Google.  Library books, museums, people in the community (TV weather  for Meteorology, for example).  A good place to start for resources on each event is    Remember we are Division B, and we are in the Midwestern Region. Other states have excellent Science Olympiad sites, but they may have slightly different events. Another resource would be 
    6. PLEASE keep a copy of YOUR resources and notes for next year’s teams and future.
    7. We will have 2 teams. It is essential that when a student commits to participating in an event, they stay. A member dropping out after we get rolling really sets the entire team back.
    8. A parent serving as event coach or hosting meetings will have priority to have their child on that specific event. 
    9. Time management is critical for building/hands on events. The teams that does well at competition are the teams that finish long before the competition and have time to practice.
    10. Reminders from last year, remember safety glasses, safe use of tools, remember hot glue eventually hardens and loses strength. Listen to the suggestions of the judges. If you are given materials or suggestions during your event, USE THEM!
    11. Be organized and have fun!
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