Mr. Sacch's Supply Wish List

  • Mr. Sacch's Wish List

    (This page last updated on 10/22/18)

    They say it can’t hurt to ask, so I’m asking.


    Below is a list of items that would be extremely helpful in my classroom. 

    I thank you in advance!


    * Sharpened Pencils

    * Paper towels (always needed)

    * Sharpened Pencils

    * Tissues/Kleenex (always needed)

    * Sharpened Pencils (always needed)

    (Kids that come to class unprepared are 3 steps behind for the entire period)

    Be sure to have pencils.

    Extra pencils for class use would be WONDERFUL!



    * Yellow Highlighters

    *Odorless color dry erase markers


    * This is my wish list, so I am going to go there. I am involved in a great many things here at Barker Road. I know first hand the tremendous impact that our student council coupon book fundraiser has on the BRMS middle school experience. Everyone at Barker Road benefits from the money raised. I wish everyone would participate in our school fundraiser.

    * 4x6 Spiral Index cards that are spiral bound as shown below. Always need more of these.






    Username: Mrekhi

    Password:  pms


    Bill Nye / Web Max

    User number: 044262

    Password: media


    Video Streaming

    Username: barkermslibrary

    Password: vikings