September Supply List

  • This page last updated on 10/12/19


    Here is a list of additional items that are needed.

    In addition to the items on your supply list, please also get the following:

    • another binder (2 inch) SORRY
    • more pencils, more pencils, more pencils (trust me)

    -The two inch binder is for ONLY science. This is in addition to the binder on your supply list
    -We call this our LOCKER SCIENCE BINDER. Label this binder with your name and call it LOCKER SCIENCE BINDER.
    -As we finish units, we store them in our locker science binder for our June final exam. 

    -colored pencils (we WILL use these, have some in school and home)  

    -4 x 6 Index Cards. You will need 200 Cards ASAP.
                     (Please do NOT get 3 x 5 cards, too small) 
                    -the index cards in a spiral notebook as shown below are best

    Spiral Index Cards

    4x6 index cards are on the original supply list.
    No need to get more if you already have them.

    -Get the Index cards that come in a spiral notebook form like those pictured above
    -If in spiral - you will need 3 of these to make 150 cards.

    -Package of pre-sharpened #2 pencils to be left in science class.
    -Paper towels are always needed and appreciated.
    -Have MANY pencils, kids always seem to need pencils

    Trust me, you need more pencils! 

    Please get these items and bring them to school as soon as you can.
    You should already have a Large RING Binder.
    Non-ring binders won't work this year.
    Folder Binders won't work.
    Accordion Folders/binders won't work.

    Create a cover for your binders. Include your name and homeroom on the front cover.
    Have Binders Organized with tabs/dividers in the same order as your classes.
    Binders should have LARGE RINGS. You will fill these binders.