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    (This page was last updated on 10/22/18) 

    Independent Science Investigation (ISI)

    ISI Presentations are due about once a month. This presentation is equivalent to a quiz grade. This is an opportunity for students to explore a scientific topic of interest. Students may choose to explore a large variety of different science experiments, books, news articles, videos, projects, activities, internet sites, museums, etc. As long as the topic is science related and the ISI is signed by your parents as a quality investigative report, it is acceptable.

    Choose a specific topic. For example, don't do a report on space, do one on Mars. Doing an experiment  is strongly encouraged. If doing an experiment, be sure to use the Scientific Method Chart. This is page B in the back of your binder. Include all aspects of a lab write up. TPHMPDC! (Title, Problem, Hypothesis, Materials, Procedure, Data, Conclusion).

    The source needs to be longer than a standard encyclopedia entry. There are some wonderful science links on the homepage of this website. Always gather information from more than one source. The presentation MUST be in your own words. Do not copy from your source. Choose an area of science that interests you, and remember that science is amazing when you take the time to look!

    You should become an expert that is able to talk with others about your topic. You will present what you have learned with the class. During this presentation, try not to read, instead be an expert and talk to the class about your topic. Have visuals! Have visuals! Have visuals! Tell us some cool stuff. Show us some cool stuff.

    Again, if you are doing an experiment, your ISI presentation must follow the format outlined on the BRMS Scientific Method BRMS Lab Format (see page B) chart. If you are not doing an experiment, your presentation should include what you did and/or learned. Remember, this is a presentation, not a report to be turned in.

              Focus your presentation on what you have learned and/or observed.
              What do you know now that you didn't know before?
              Don't just share facts, include your thoughts and opinions on the topic.
              How does this topic relate to science?
              What scientists and /or professions would find this information useful?
              What would you like to learn more about as a result of studying this topic?
              What recent news issues are related to your topic?

    Since this assignment is a presentation and not a report, there is no need to turn in anything other than the ISI Form.
    Your presentation should ALWAYS include visuals.
    You can make a poster, a video, a Power Point presentation, etc. 
    After October 1st, save your video on our class Edmodo page.
    To guaranteed access, save your video as a youtube.  
    Power Point presentations are the most popular method for presenting an ISI. 
    Many pictures, large pictures, and few words per slide will make your presentation interesting and effective.
    Power Point slides should have bullets, not sentences and paragraphs.
    It should be obvious that you put forth high effort on this assignment. Do not copy from your source.
    Always check your work. Be sure to check spelling, capitalization, grammar, and punctuation. 
    Your ISI needs to be quality 6th grade work.

    There are 7 ISI due dates. You will give a total of 5 ISI Presentations.
    You must turn in an ISI Form on every due date.
    You may skip this assignment on two of the due dates.
    When doing so, you will still turn in the ISI Form. 
    Fill in the proper heading and write FREEBIE as the topic. 
    If the Freebie Form is SIGNED by a parent and on time, you will receive a 100% grade on that ISI.
    You must turn in an ISI Form on every due date

    See bottom of ISI form for due dates.

    Click here for ISI Form

    Click here for Scientific Method BRMS Lab Format Chart


    Attention Mac Users if needed...
    Often, power points created on Macs can not be opened at school.
    Try this to solve this issue
    From the student/parent end at home, the best habit is to export the file to the appropriate Office applications prior to saving it to a flash drive.
              Within the application (Keynote, Pages, Numbers), click the File menu
    Select Export To from the drop down list 
    Select the appropriate file type for the export (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, PDF, QuickTime for videos, etc.)
    Click Next and choose your output destination (the flash drive where you would like to exported file saved).
    Click Export.
    Double-check that the new file is saved on the flash drive in the appropriate application type. Voila! You should be able to work with this new file on any school computer.