Health & Safety

  • Pittsford School District considers the health, safety and welfare of students and staff of primary importance. To ensure the safest and healthiest environment in our schools, we have established a comprehensive plan and program that meets Federal, State, and County guidelines. The health and safety program is coordinated by the District Health and Safety Committee. It is a representative group of school and community experts whose purpose is to identify, target, and monitor health and safety related issues. The goal is to provide for the safest and healthiest environment possible for the staff, students, parents, and visitors in all our school facilities. 

    The committee functions are to:

    • Act in an advisory role to the Superintendent of Schools
    • Examine all health and safety issues referred to the committee by the Board of Education, Superintendent, staff members, students, and community members
    • Determine the appropriate steps or action necessary to respond to health and safety issues
    • Act within the parameters established by the Board of Education and Superintendent of Schools to make recommendations where necessary
    • Recommend health and safety related additions and deletions to the budget when necessary
    • Communicate the results of any actions taken to the appropriate parties
    • Act in a timely manner
    • Be prepared to respond to emergencies that may arise

    Health and Safety Committee Members:

    Patricia Vaughan-Brogan, Director of Student Services/Chairperson
    Jeffrey Beardsley, Director of Operations, Maintenance & Security
    Cynthia Chambers, School Nurse/Standards
    Kelly Wasson, BOCES Health and Safety
    Nancy Neamtu, Pittsford Educational Office Professionals (PEOP)
    Michael Falzoi, Pittsford District Administrators Association (PDAA)
    Laura Hefner, Pittsford District Administrators Association (PDAA) 
    Kathleen Herrick, Director of Transportation
    Richard Albano, Pittsford District Administrators Association (PDAA)
    Nancy Wayman, Director of Communication
    Ann Binstock, Parent Representative

    Tricia Koehn, Note taker