• An AED is a device that is used to restore a normal heartbeat in an individual who has experienced sudden cardiac arrest. The AED provides an electrical shock to the heart, which helps to restore a normal rhythm.

    In May 2002, legislation was approved to require all public school districts, BOCES, county vocational education and extension boards, and charter schools, to provide and maintain on-site, in each instructional school facility, at least one functional automated external defibrillator (AED). The legislation also requires public school officials and administrators responsible for such school facilities to ensure the presence of at least one staff person who is trained in the operation and use of an AED.

    The law requires that AED equipment be provided and maintained on-site in each instructional school facility in quantities adequate to ensure ready and appropriate access for use during emergencies. 

    Each elementary school in the district has 1 pediatric AED unit. Barker Road Middle School has 3 AED units (includes District Offices), Calkins Road Middle School has 2 units, Mendon High School has 2 units, Sutherland High School has 3 units, and the Athletic department maintains 18 AED units.  There is also a unit in the Administration Annex (Lomb building) and the Transportation building.