Policies and Procedures

  • Here are some helpful hints to be successful in class this year:

    1) Homework is assigned daily with few exceptions. Use your class notes or check the links if you need help. Homework will be checked each day.

    2) If you choose not to do the homework or it is incomplete, you will need to make arrangements to come in and complete the assignment. 

    3) For class each day, bring homework, math binder, and a pencil. Don't forget your agenda book too. 

    Notebooks should be kept neatly in an organized manner.  Specific Guidelines were provided to you on the first day of school.  Click on "Binder Organization" if you need a refresher.

    Weekly Reviews:
    Occasionally, I will assign a weekly review.  You may receive help at any time during the week to complete the assignment.  These reviews will count as a quiz grade!

    Quizzes, Tests, Projects:
    Quizzes will usually be announced, but occasionally I may collect an assignment for a quiz grade or give an unannounced quiz.  Tests and projects will always be announced.

    Extra Help:
    Please come in for extra help if you are having trouble.  I will be happy to help you during lunch, a planning period, or outside of school hours.  Please check my schedule to arrange a time with me.  Remember the tutoring center is also available after school.