Binder Organization - 7Honors

  •   Binder Organization “101”
    7 Honors
    Mrs. Berardino

    You will need:

    • One three ring binder (to share with another core subject)
    • 3-4 Dividers labeled as shown below
    • loose leaf paper for Divider 1 and Divider 2

    Divider 1
    Label:  Notes
    Contents: all class notes/lessons – dated and in order, definitions, and project guidelines

    Divider 2
    Label:  Practice
    Contents: Warm-Ups or Problem of the Day, Classwork, Homework

    Divider 3
    Label:  Graded Assignments/Cumulative Reviews
    Contents:  all graded assignments, cumulative reviews, dated and in order.

    If you are unsure where something must go, just ASK!!