Course Outline-Geometry Honors

  • Geometry Honors – SYLLABUS

    Welcome to Geometry!  I’m very excited to have you here and looking forward to a successful year together.


     Overview of Geometry Topics:

    • Reasoning and Proof  (LOGIC) 
    • Basic Geometric Relationships
    • Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
    • Constructions and Locus
    • Congruent Triangles
    • Properties of Triangles
    • Transformational Geometry
    • Similarity
    • Quadrilaterals
    • Polygons
    • Circles
    • Surface Area and Volume
    • Modeling and Applications

    Students will take the NYS Regents in Geometry in June.




    1. Large (1 ½ or 2 inch) three ring binder, paper and 5 pocket dividers.  Students are provided with an outline explaining how notebooks should be maintained.
    2. PENCILS!!  All work passed in to me must be in pencil. 
    3. Two Dry Erase markers
    4. Highlighters
    5. A compass
    6. Calculator, preferably TI-Nspire.



    1. TESTS, QUIZZES & PROJECTS:    Unit tests will be given at the end of every chapter.  Quizzes, both announced and unannounced will be given several times within the unit.  Projects will be assigned periodically as an alternative or supplemental form of assessment.
    2. WEEKLY ASSESSMENT REVIEWS:  Occasionally, you will receive and turn in a weekly review.  You may receive help during the week. These reviews will count as a quiz grade!
    3. HOMEWORK:   Homework will be assigned and checked daily.  Effort is the primary objective and papers will be evaluated accordingly.  All work must be neatly shown, in pencil. 
    4. CLASSWORK:  This category includes any work assigned during class as well as class participation.


    Grades are based on a total point system.  In general, Tests and Projects range form 60-100 points.  Quizzes range from 15-40 points.     




                                 Classroom Expectations/BRMS Six Core Principles



                                 Kindness            Responsibility              Respect                   Fairness                Integrity                            PERSEVERANCE



     Standards and Procedures

    1.  Opening Activity:  This will be on the board each day.  Please follow directions given.  The opening activity needs to be completed by the time class starts.

    2.  Homework: The assignments for the day will be posted.  You are responsible for writing the assignments in your agenda.  These will also be on my webpage. 

    3.  Make up work:  You are responsible for any work that you miss for whatever reason (music lessons, appointments, illness, vacation).  Please see me right away so that arrangements can be made to make up the work.  If you are absent for more than 2 days, you can request work through the Main Office.

    4.  Extra Help:  Please do not hesitate to ask for help.  We all need it sometimes!  See me to set up a time before or after school, or during my free periods.


    Have a great year!