Grading and HW Policy

  • HW & Grading Policy

    Homework is an integral part of understanding the concepts taught in math.  It provides an opportunity for students to practice skills learned in class and encourages independent study habits.  It is also important that each child make every effort to complete their daily assignments if they would like to take advantage of any retakes (Math 7 ONLY).  My homework policy is if the homework is not complete for that day, the student stays in during lunch to complete it. If your child misses class, it is their responsibility to get the missed notes and homework;  it will be due the following day. 

    Grades are based on the sum of all points earned divided by the sum of all possible points for any given assessment.  Typically tests are worth twice as much as quizzes. Also included in a student's grade could be: graded assignments, projects and occasionally I will collect and grade a warm-up. For Math 7H: assessments only will be used to determine minimum eligibility requirement. Graded assessments taken in class only.














Be wise, do your homeowrk!