Class Procedures

  • Here are some helpful hints to be successful in Math:


    1) Homework is assigned daily with few exceptions. Use your class notes if you need help. Homework will be checked each day. Should you be absent due to illness or a lesson, you are responsible for your notes and homework which will be checked the following day.  You can find the missed days' notes and homework in your file folder.

    2) For class each day: bring agenda, homework, math binder, and a pencil. 


    Notebooks should be kept neatly in an organized manner.  Specific Guidelines were provided to you on the first day of school.  Click on "Binder Organization" if you need a refresher.

    Cumulative Reviews:

    Cumulative  Review's are given to keep previously learned concepts current and up to date.  Math builds on itself and is imperative that all concepts are thoroughly understood as well as retained throughout the year.  These will be counted towards your grade.


    Tests, quizzes and projects will typically be announced.  Use your notes, study guides and teacher as useful resources for success on these.

    Extra Help:

    Please come in for extra help if you are having trouble.  I will be happy to help you during my student assistance periods, or after school hours.  Remember the tutoring center is also available after school.

  • It's a given!