• Welcome to 7th Grade Math!

    Mrs. DiPaulo - Red Team Math

     Welcome 7th graders!!  The following information explains my expectations and procedures for our class.  Please remember to share this information at home.


    •  Three-ring binder; may be shared with another subject if desired.
    •  Three tab dividers – labeled  Notes;  HW/Practice;  Other
    •  Notebook for math only
    •  Pencils* (Pencil only in math – donations are always appreciated :-)
    •  Expo markers
    •  Calculator (TI30XIIS)


    Class Rules:

    Materials:  bring your math binder, pencils, agenda, etc. to class every day.

    Attitude:  have a positive attitude and be respectful of others.

    Timeliness:  be in class on time and ready to learn.

    Homework:  put forth your best effort on homework and complete it on time.


    Grades:  Grades are based on a point system. Total points earned divided by total number of points. I will record homework for my records but it will not count towards your child’s grade.    I use a point scale on homework for my records to help guide me on your child's comprehension of the lesson and when a retake is being utilized.


    For Math 7H: assessments only will be used to determine minimum eligibility requirement. Assessments include tests and quizzes.



    §  Homework will be given almost daily and will be graded on a 2-point scale.  Your points will be based on the quality (effort) of your work.

    o   2 points means your assignment was on time and complete.

    o   1 point means your assignment was partially complete.

    o   0 points means your assignment was not completed.


    §  Use your class notes to help you complete your homework.  If you do not understand something we learned in class, see me immediately for extra help!


    § If you are absent, it is your responsibility to pick up what you missed from your file. All missed work must be made up, please see me if you are struggling with the content.




      Quizzes & Tests:


    ü Tests and quizzes will be announced in advance and will vary in point value.   

    ü Use your notes and homework to study for tests and quizzes.



    ü Retakes* are tied in with HW completion for any given unit.  All previous HW must be completed before a retake will be allowed or at the discretion of the teacher. * Math 7 ONLY




      Classwork/Warm up/Other:


    ü  Various classwork assignments where you will work individually or with a group could also be part of your grade.     

    ü Warm up: will be collected and graded at random. 


    ü Other assignments could include an assignment using Castle Learning, Weekly Reviews, or other online software.



    I am looking forward to a great year together! 

    If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.



    (585) 267-3949