Test Taking Tips

  •   Test Taking Tips     


    • Look over the whole test.
    • Start with the easiest part.
    • Read the directions--twice!
    • After reading the directions twice, it you're still not sure what to do—ask!
    • If you start to feel nervous or “blank out”—take a few deep breaths to relax.
    • If you get stuck on a question, circle the question number and move on.  There may be something on another part of the test that will help you out with that question.  This is called “using the test to take the test.
    • Use the “process of elimination” to narrow down your choices.  Cross off obviously wrong answers immediately.
    • Multiple Choice:

                      *As you read each question, try to guess the answer before looking at the choices.

           *Read each question and all answers completely.

           *Cross out any choices that you know are wrong.

           *Watch out for words such as “always,”  “never,”  “must” -- these usually indicate an

                   incorrect answer.

           *Answers that have words like “often,”  “sometimes,” “usually” are probably correct.

    • True/False:

                     *True/false tests are measuring whether you can recognize specific facts and details.

                     *There are usually more true answers than false answers because they are easier to write.  If

                       you must guess, answer true because the odds are better.

                     *Read carefully.

                     *Do not analyze each question for deeper meaning.

                     *If the question is confusing, break it in half and make sure you thoroughly understand each


                     *All parts of a true/false question must be true before it can be true.

                     *Watch out for words such as “always,”  “never,”  “must”-- these usually indicate a

                        false answer.

          *Answers that have words like “often,”  “sometimes,” “usually” are probably true.

    • When you have finished the rest of the test, come back to any that you skipped.  Take educated guesses on any that you are still unsure of.  Do not leave any blank!
    • Only change an answer if you misread or misinterpreted the question.  The first answer you put is usually the correct one.
    • Check your work!  Make sure all questions are answered.
    • Check your essay answers: Did you answer the required number of essay questions? Did you answer all parts of each essay question?