Psychology Services at Pittsford Schools

  • School Psychologists provide effective services to help students succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally. Pittsford School Psychologists provide direct educational and mental health services for students, as well as work with families, teachers, and other professionals, to create supportive learning environments. 

School Psychologists

School Name Phone Email
Allen Creek Elementary Deb Browne 585-267-1207
Jefferson Road Elementary Sarah (Sunny) Campbell 585-267-1307
Mendon Center Elementary Sean Roche 585-267-1407
Park Road Elementary Breaca Nellis 585-267-1507
Thornell Road Elementary Leslie Psaty 585-267-1707
Barker Road Middle Ellen Fox 585-267-1807
Calkins Road Middle Geoffrey Bones, PhD 585-267-1907
Mendon High Megan Brown 585-267-1607
Sutherland High TBD 585-267-1107

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  • Psychology services at Pittsford are based on the needs of the individual students, families, and schools, but can be described across 10 general domains:

    1. Data-based decision making and accountability: Systematically collect data from multiple resources and use a problem-solving framework to understand students’ areas of strengths and challenges.
    2. Consultation and Collaboration: Cooperate and consult with diverse audiences in order to effectively communicate information and promote necessary change.
    3. Interventions and Instructional Support to Develop Academic Skills: Apply current empirically based research on learning and cognition to promote student learning and promoting the development, implementation and evaluation of effective instructional strategies.
    4. Interventions and Mental Health Services to Develop Social and Life Skills: Provide a continuum of mental health services including: individual and group counseling, positive behavioral support, parent education and support, and social-emotional learning programs.
    5. School-Wide Practices to Promote Learning: Collaborate with others to develop and implement evidence-based strategies to support all students’ academic, social, emotional, and behavioral goals.
    6. Preventive and Responsive Services: Participate in the implementation and evaluation of programs that promote safe and violence-free schools.
    7. Family-School Collaboration Services: Promote effective school policies and practices that promote family, school, and community partnerships to enhance educational outcomes for students.
    8. Diversity in Development and Learning: Provide culturally competent and effective practices in all areas of service delivery.
    9. Research and Program Evaluation: Apply knowledge of effective research design, data collection and analysis, and program evaluation within the school setting.
    10. Legal, Ethical, and Professional Practice: Practice in ways that are consistent with ethical, legal and professional standards, and assist school personnel and parents in understanding regulations relevant to general and special education.