Goals 2017-2020

  • The Pittsford Central School District has incorporated Social Emotional Learning into schools for decades. As new information is gained, student needs better identified and in recognition of both positive and negative external influences, new goals are added to assure that District efforts are aligned to contemporary needs and are evidence based or evidence informed. Efforts are also tailored to the strengths and needs of each building, through formal and informal analysis.

    1.     Enhance understanding and support implementation of policies, practices and programs that are innovative, effective, culturally and linguistically competent.

    2.     Integrate the principles of Social Emotional Learning into K-12 standards-based curricula, with targeted instruction in specific age/grade level skills.

    3.     Strengthen our engaging and caring district and school climate through data collection and action planning.

    4.     Enhance student opportunities for citizenship development though community service and service learning.

    5.     Provide targeted, systematic and embedded professional development.

    6.     Develop methods for evaluation and continuous improvement.

    7.     Continue policy and practice reviews through the lens of mental health, inclusivity and health and wellness.

    8.     Enhance communication efforts to share information about SEL work to internal and external constituents.

    9.     Explore additional partnerships to enhance SEL efforts.